Metroid Dread

Samus flies to planet ZDR in her gunship.

Discover a sprawling world

Planet ZDR is home to many secrets and dangers. Get a glimpse at some of the hazards standing between Samus and the surface as she escapes the deadly depths of the planet.

Artwork of a Chozo aiming its Arm Cannon.
The rugged Muzby creature is one of the larger lifeforms of Artaria.
View of the map screen when zoomed in.
Clip of Samus attempting to open a door with a red covering. Her Arm Cannon blasts do nothing, but a Missile does the trick.

Locked doors

There are many types of doors that require a certain weapon or ability to unlock. If you don’t have the means to open them yet, remember to return when more fully equipped. (Or see if you can find another way.)

Clips of Samus running through different locations of planet ZDR.

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