Metroid Dread

Mission brief

Learn what awaits Samus Aran and catch up on the saga so far.

Artwork of E.M.M.I. robot in pursuit mode.

Mission history

Catch up on the saga so far of Samus and the enigmatic Metroid.

Original NES game packaging for Metroid



Nintendo Entertainment System™

The Galactic Federation discovers an unknown lifeform on planet SR388. Researchers name it “Metroid.”

While traveling back to Earth with the specimen, the Federation’s ship suffers an attack from Space Pirates. They steal the Metroid and take it to planet Zebes—the Space Pirate home world—with plans to weaponize the creature.

After an unsuccessful assault against the Space Pirates, the Federation turns to Samus to penetrate the planet and stop them. Her mission is a success, resulting in the defeat of Kraid, Ridley, Mother Brain, and the destruction of their base.

Game Boy packaging for Metroid II: Return of Samus

Metroid II: Return of Samus


Game Boy™

Samus battles a Queen Metroid in Metroid II: Return of Samus

Samus is sent by the Galactic Federation to eradicate the dangerous Metroids found on planet SR388. She successfully accomplishes her mission and, unexpectedly, returns with a Metroid hatchling in tow. As Samus is the first creature the hatchling sees, the Metroid imprints onto her, believing her to be its mother.

SNES game packaging for Super Metroid

Super Metroid


Super Nintendo Entertainment System™

Samus gives the hatchling to Federation scientists, who believe they can harness the Metroid’s powers for the betterment of the galaxy.

Space Pirates attack the Federation research station where the young Metroid is held, steal the hatchling, and kill everyone.

Samus tracks them back to planet Zebes, where Space Pirate forces resume their plans to weaponize the Metroid.

When Samus faces certain defeat at the hands of the monstrous Mother Brain, the young Metroid bravely sacrifices itself to save her. Samus then destroys Mother Brain, the Space Pirates, and planet Zebes for good.

Game Boy Advance game packaging for Metroid Fusion

Metroid Fusion


Game Boy Advance™

While assisting a field research team on planet SR388, Samus is brought into contact with an unknown parasitic lifeform—later named “X”—which causes her to lose consciousness. Infected parts of her suit are cut away, and a vaccine using a cell culture from the Metroid hatchling is quickly prepared and administered. The infection ceases instantly.

After waking, Samus learns an explosion has rocked the Biologic Space Laboratories station—where the infected suit parts are being held. The X are loose, one of which is a mimic of Samus at her full power.

Now immune to the X parasite, Samus battles through the B.S.L. station and discovers a Federation-run Metroid breeding program. In the end, Samus crashes the B.S.L. station onto the surface of SR388, eradicating the X and Metroid alike.

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